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PARIT PADANG GLOBAL delivers to more than 126,000 retail pharmacies, hospitals, care centers, clinics, modern and traditional outlets across Indonesia. This number will certainly grow in line with promotional activities in the market. We always endeavor to do our best in increasing outlet coverage over time. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL assists in achieving the goals of our principals by providing timely solutions for the delivery of products and services throughout the country. We do much more than logistics order fulfillment by applying the latest information technology systems, centralized database management, and Customer Relation Management (CRM), to develop customized distribution solutions that meet each principal's needs. PARIT PADANG GLOBAL endeavors to bring out the best of our principals potential by implementing more zealous communication and promotion strategies to achieve higher product sales, entailing the development of product presentations to hospitals, clinics or health care institutions by our highly skilled Tender Hospital Executives and Product Specialists to increase brand awareness.

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In PARIT PADANG GLOBAL, we believe in everyone's talent and ability. Our employees are our assets, as they are our critical contributors for our business to be successful in dealing with the challenge of the constant market fluctuation. Through our fundamental values of optimizing our employees performance, we commit to provide continuosly development program through recruitment, evaluation and training in order to leverage the competencies of our people and shape them into highly competent, commited, service oriented and professional personnel.


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